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Welcome to Castelletto Homes. 

We are a boutique residential design and interiors firm, incorporating old world authenticity and a touch of wonder into each home design. Whether a grand estate, charming petite escape, or purely a home to love and create your family’s most cherished memories, our goal is to help you discover and realize that dream. Our signature Design Beyond service includes full exterior design, interior design, site and amenities design, and preliminary landscape design, to allow your project to unfold as one beautiful and cohesive undertaking.  

castelletto homes romantic home design

Exterior, Interior, Site & Amenity Design,
with Preliminary Landscape Design

Discover our Design Beyond level of services below.


Pure Romance in the form of an English Cottage. Key features include delicate rolled roof detailing, a tranquil upper balcony, and gentle surrounding gardens. Square footage for Pavia begins around 2,800 sf. 

French Modern with a pomp of curb appeal. Twin turrets give a romantic castle touch, and this design style works  nicely in an urban or rural setting. Square footage for Orvieto begins at 3,500 sf.

La Luce meaning light in Italian, is the perfect name for this coastal inspired facade. Where the warm kiss of the sun and the soft sound of the palms are meant to embrace this design. Square footage for La Luce begins at approximately 3,000 sf. 



We so look forward to hearing your goals and wishes, and partnering with you to turn them into a dream home to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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