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Let's talk about Gilt in Interior Design

Let's talk about Gilt the decorative technique
“Gilt a decorative technique that involves applying a thin layer of gold leaf or gold paint to a surface. Often used in art and design to add a sense of luxury and opulence to an object or space. Gilding can be done on a variety of materials, including metal, wood, and stone.”

Gilt in interior design refers to the application of gold leaf or gold paint to decorative objects, architectural elements, or furniture to add luxury, warmth, and depth to interiors. It's an age-old technique that has been used for centuries to signify opulence and high status. Historically, gilding was used extensively in palaces, churches, and grand houses to embellish everything from ceilings and wall panels to picture frames and furniture.

True gilding involves applying thin sheets of gold leaf to a surface, a delicate and skilled process. Alternatively, gold paint can be used to achieve a similar effect with less expense and effort.

Used in moderation in today’s interiors, gilt can be found on mirror frames, furniture detailing, lighting fixtures, and decorative accessories. Its most beautiful use is in the delicate application to texture rich antiques in one’s home but can also be found in reproduction pieces that are beautifully crafted.

Gilded elements are common in classical, baroque, and rococo interior styles, but they can also be incorporated into contemporary designs as accent pieces to add a glamorous sophisticated touch to the décor.

“Gold is not a material of mere decorative art. It is the visualization of power. From the Renaissance to 18th-century French royal court to masters of the modern universe, gilt — gold’s application to metal, whether powder, leaf or plate— is the assertive surface of refinement.” -The New York Times

Gilt pairs beautifully with soft, neutral palettes, as well as deep, rich colors like navy, emerald, and burgundy. While gilt can elevate a space, it's important to use it thoughtfully to avoid overwhelming the interior space. Strategic placement and balance in furnishing selections are key to integrating gilded elements effectively. 

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